Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend round up

I drank lots of water.

I ate lots of vegetables.

I ate sugar.

I snacked.

I did no exercise.

I am up 4.8 today from last week.
(that's me growling at myself).

Goals for this week:
1. Go to bed early. I know how much of the extra eating and bad choices has been because I was tired.

2. Exercise, even if it's only 10 minutes a day, it's still better than none.

3. Cut out sugar and carbs for a week. (phase one) and do it properly.

4. Be aware on Wednesday - that's my bad day, where I'm in situations that mean carbs and sugar are easily available, and my will power is low.


Pig wot flies said...

C'mon! You can do it Desmond Dragon!

Get lots of sleep. Sleep is good.

Big hugs. B :-)

Anonymous said...

It will get better! Just stick with it.

Robert said...

Hi debs-

found you via missys blog I applaud your courage and stamina to step up to your challenge and meet it!!! Im a type 2 diabetic and find it extremely tough to handle the food changes and drink changes *im a pop addict* reading your blog is a stimulus to achieve what i need to thanks for your sharing