Monday, November 05, 2007


Weigh-in 263 (total loss since last Monday is 6.4)

Baked beans, mashed cauliflower and bacon. (There's is a photo here which you probably don't want to look at because the beans and cauliflower got all mixed together, because it was the final leftovers and they were in a pot together, which doesn't look so lovely, however it tasted great!)

Jelly with ricotta, and then a spoonful of peanut butter. Just got a craving for the peanut butter so went with it - had one little spoonful and then put the jar away.

I panicked a bit because I suddenly realised I felt cold and wanted something warm rather than lettuce etc, and all the beans are gone. I aimlessly looked in the fridge a couple of times and then realised I could do another stir-fry for myself. This one has onion, carrot, courgette, red pepper, mushroom, pine nuts and soy sauce. Note to self - come up with more simple but warm things to eat for lunch.Dinner
Cashew nut curry (which contains sultanas, so that was my fruit for the day!) and brocoli.


Baked beans, mushrooms and bacon
(forgot to take the picture until after I started eating!)
Stirfry with onion, carrot, courgette, mushroom, green beans, brocoli, red pepper, lamb (left over from the roast on Friday), pine nuts and soy sauce.Afternoon snack
Jelly with ricottaDinner
(boring, I know, but they needed using up..)
baked beans and cauliflower

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Weigh-in 262.8 (down 2 from yesterday)
I'm trying to work out how long I should stay on phase 1. I like the rapid weight loss, but I know it's not ideal for longterm. I'm considering adding in fruit next week, but staying off other carbs for another week. Any thoughs y'all?

Bacon, baked beans and cauliflower.

Chili con carne, mashed cauliflower, broad beans and red pepper

Afternoon snack

Celeriac and lentils with hazelnuts (recipe we found in The Guardian (thanks Bekki). Tasted ok, but I wouldn't recommend it!) Jelly with ricotta.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Pictures now uploaded

Morning weigh-in 264.8 (back up .2 from yesterday)
I will stict to phase one today (Wednesday and Thursday I had slight deviations from the plan, but still felt ok with the choices I made)

Homemade baked beans with a flat egg. (I probably ought to freeze some of the beans, because the recipe makes a large batch, and I tend to just eat it at some meal every day afterwards until it's finished. I don't mind, just wanted to point that out in case people don't think I have a very varied diet!)Lunch (I didn't have a snack this mornnig because I had a bit of a lie-in, so there wasn't such a long time as usual between breakfast and lunch)
Chili con carne with mashed cauliflower and some red pepper (not in the picture)Afternoon snack
Some cashew nuts and a babybel (no picture)

Roast lamb with lots and lots of vegetables. Not sure I can remember what they all were without looking at the picture! Peas, broad beans, brocoli, carrots, cauliflowr. Also some gravy and some mint sauce.


Morning weigh-in 264.6 (that's down .2, but still down!)

2 rashers of bacon and a flat egg

Morning snack
Some cashew nuts

Homemade baked beans, mashed cauliflower, kale (can you tell I'm having leftovers!)

Afternoon snack
Sugar-free jelly and a babybel (not pictured!) (I was felling really hungry and knew I wouldn't get dinner until quite late)

Dinner (no photo)
Chicken curry with rice (I was babysitting and went straight from looking after J & B. The family I was babysitting for made me dinner and left it for me to have. I didn't eat all the rice, but decided I was hungry enough to want to eat some of it) I also had a couple of garlic dough balls with the curry. I probably ought to have left them, but it had been a long day and I was hungry. I need to be aware for the future that when I'm hungry I don't make such good decisions, so need to try to plan ahead.
I was able to totally resist the cake that they brought me home at the end of the evening, so that was an achievement.

Wednesday Evening

(I didn't manage to take any pictures at the party as it was all a bit manic)
In the afternoon I had some cashew nuts for my snack.

At the party I was pretty controlled. I had crockpot beans and sausage (which for some reason none of the kids wanted when compared to crisps, sweets, chocolates and cake?!) and cucumber.
I also ate a couple of falafals and a samosa. I allowed myself to have one small piece of chocolate brownie, and then thoroughly ignored it for the rest of the evening. I made sure I drank lots of water, and at the end of the evening I felt happy with my choices.