Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This morning's weigh-in 264.8 that's down again. Yay!

For breakfast I had two rashers of bacon on top of 'flat' egg made with two eggs.For lunch I had some of my homemade baked beans (will try to put up a recipe, but not today cos life is too busy!), and leftover brocoli and some of the mashed cauliflower. Yum.
Little J enjoyed it too.And then after that I had a babybel because J didn't want it and I couldn't let it go to waste!
(He didn't eat it at all, I just only remembered to take the picture after I'm taken a bite!)
Thanks everyone who has been dropping by to encourage me. It really helps me stay on track.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Evening meal

For dinner this evening I had 2 lamb chops, mashed cauliflower (if you've never had this then you definitely ought to try it. It tastes yummy and is a great substitute for mashed potato) , curly kale, gravy and mint sauce. Delicious :-)

This is working

Do you know, this is really working for me. Just because I've made a commitment to myself to take a picture of everything I eat, and because I don't want to let any of the OWOA ladies (and Bird) down, it really is working. I think it was Brandi who suggested a while back that I use those guys as an excuse to tell other people, but that didn't really work, however like this is does seem to work. I'm not saying that I'm only doing this for all those guys, I am doing this for me. I know I need to lose this weight, it just helps knowing that they are behind me all the way. I needed to find a way to stay accountable, and this seems to be working for me.

Please excuse the not brilliant photography, I probably could take better pitures if I treid hard, but it's not practical to spend that long before every meal! However, just the act of taking the picture helps me to actually look at the food I'm putting in my mouth and process what I'm eating. It takes the mindlessness out of eating, and that is what I needed to do.

This afternoon I had a sugar-free jelly for my snack (actually it was jelly mixed with ricotta, but anyway). I was aware that making chocolate brownies might make me want something sweet so I went for that rather than nuts or vegetable and houmous.

Today so far (Tuesday)

Weigh-in this morning 265.2 I know that is a big drop from yesterday (about 4 pounds) but I know that some of that was fluids as I had quite a bit of unhealthy salty stuff on Friday and Saturday last week. I feel thinner, and my trousers are back to falling down slightly, so I must have been bloated.

This morning for breakfast I didn't feel like the same as yesterday, but I already had the vegetables cut up (I did a double lot yesterday and put half in a bag to use today). So I stirfried the veg in a very little oil and added a dash of soy sauce, and had them on top of what's known in my house as flat egg. (I used spray oil, broke the yolk and flipped it over so that both sides got browned)
I didn't have a morning snack as we were out shopping and I'd forgotten to take anything, but I think I do need to try to remember something for tomorrow.

For lunch I had similar to yesterday, but added a handful of chickpeas instead of cashew nuts
(lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, turkey, chickpeas, vinaigrette (we make that ourselves and tend to use more vinegar than oil which is not the traditional way to do it, but I like the vinegary taste)This afternoon I am cooking baked beans and chocolate brownies (for our church kids party tomorrow night). My plan is to have a big bowl of washing up water ready so that I don't even have chance to lick the spoon.

UPDATE: The brownies are in the oven, and I managed to not eat any of it. All I have to do now is remain strong when I cut them up once they're cool.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday's dinner

I had chicken turkey dopiaza with brocoli and a spoonful of mango chutney. It was yummy :-)

Extra nibble

Since one of the problems I've had with keeping a food diary is that I've let stuff slip past without recording it, this time I want to write down everything, even the seemingly small stuff so that I don't go that way again. As a result I'm recording that I had a spoonful of cottage pie while giving The Little One some dinner. And that was basically because he really didn't want to eat it and when we did get some in his mouth he wanted to spit it out, and I wanted to check that what I was feeding him really was edible, and that I wasn't trying to feed him something that was past it's best. It tasted fine, so I figured he just doesn't like cottage pie! We persevered and got some of it into him and then changed tack and gave him some toast instead :-)

Afternoon snack

I got to share my afternoon snack with The Little One, which means I got half a pot of jelly and ricotta (whisked together and then left to set) and half a babybel!

Monday Lunch

Salad with lettuce, pepper, cherry tomatoes, turkey, a few cashew nuts and vinaigrette.

Breakfast Monday 29th October

I've decided the only way I'm actually going to realise what I put in my mouth is to take a picture of every single thing I eat in a week. I realise this will probably be boring for most people, but I need to find a way to stay accountable. Food diaries just aren't enough, because I just give up when I eat sometihng I shouldn't.
So I'm going to write about doing this on all my blogs (One weigh or another, It's my life, and here)
in the hope that people might pop in and see how I'm doing.

Weigh-in this morning 269.4

Breakfast - vegetable omlette\frittata
onions, brocoli, red pepper, mushroom, 2 eggs, splash of skimmed milk, cheese, salt, pepper, mixed herbs
(I took a photo in the pan as well as on the plate because I knew it would fall apart when I got it out the pan)