Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, new resolutions

Last August I got down very close to 200, and then I sprained my ankle and everything went downhill from there. Or is that uphill. Anyway, this morning I weighed in at 222.6.
That's not awful awful, but I can feel that extra stone or so, and I feel sluggish and icky. I want my energy back, and I want to get below the landmark 200.
So, as of today I'm back on track.
I've just done 25 sweaty minutes on the treadmill, and it felt good :)

I think I might keep track of my food for a few days too, just to get back into the way of eating healthily.

2 rashers smoked bacon and 2 eggs.

Cashew nuts

Turkey and Tarragon soup

About 5 spoonfuls of my boyfriends rice and beef stew and a couple of chocolates.

Babybel cheese

After midnight
Crisps, a few noodles and some chocolates.