Sunday, January 16, 2011

doing ok, I think (day 17)

Things are going pretty well. I went to two parties yesterday (Saturday). The first was 'afternoon tea' sort of time - 2 til 4, so I managed to avoid eating at it altogether (since all there was there was cake!) and the second was in the evening, but I was able to negotiate the buffet to find some quiche (and not eat the pastry), some chicken, sausage and lots of salad.

Today I tried making black bean brownies (I'll try to find the link for that). I used half a cup of sugar and I've eaten 1/36 of the end result. Plus I admit I had a lick of the spoon with batter on. But that was enough to give me a sugar headache. I think what I'll do is freeze them and have one as a treat once in a while, but it was enough to satisfy my craving for chocolate and deter me from wanting any more chocolate or sugar for a while. Actually, since I'm trying to be very honest here, I've just remembered that I did have one chocolate truffle earlier. We received them as a late home-made Christmas present and I just wanted to try one. But I will be giving the rest away.

I weighed myself yesterday and I was 284. That's up on my lowest, but that is partly to do with time of the month, and partly that my lowest was when my throat was really sore and I couldn't eat much at all.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

9th Jan 2011

Ok, so if today is 9th Jan, then that makes this day ten of my new start. And it's going well, sort of. It's going well in that I'm eating healthy, having less cravings for bad stuff and I'm losing weight. It's not going so well in that I haven't posted every day and currently I'm one poorly mama.

Thursday was spend still dealing with some of the lost purse fallout. I also went back in to town with my lovely friend Danielle to face my fears and to pop into the bank to say thank you to the ladies who helped me.

Friday we went to Teeny Tots in the morning, but at lunchtime my throat started hurting and it hasn't stopped since. By the evening I was dizzy and Menard says my head was really hurt. I started taking paracetamol, and have been ever since. Today I don't feel so dizzy and I think my temperature might be a bit closer to normal, but my throat is still really sore and my asthma is kicking in too, just for fun! Think I'll be ringing the doc in the morning to get checked over.

I've been using my wii fit to weigh myself cos my scales are just a bit too wacky to us anymore. I think being used as a door stop has not improved them! But this morning my wii fit went crazy too - the first time I tried it thought I'd put on two stone (28lb)! The second time was better, but still up, and I was all "hello, I've barely eaten, I'm still gonna check this again". I know it's not really a fair weigh-in cos I didn't eat much at all yesterday and that some weight may go back on once I can eat again (please throat stop hurting me when I swallow). But still, I did it anyway. And I was 285lb. Which would be 10lb down in 10 days.

I remember a similar thing happening in the past, that when I actually truly did phase one properly, the weight dropped off. I'll continue it for the two weeks it suggests and then I'll think about adding in some carbs cos I know weight loss like this is ok to kickstart, but not healthy to continue at quite such an alarming rate.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day something? I've lost count. Oh and jan 5th!

Quick post. It's been a bit of a rough day. (see this post on It's my Life)

I've forgotten already what day I'm on. Yesterday was bad bad bad, but also good. I over did it way way too much on the nuts and cheese. But I did get out and get some exercise, also the dentist said my teeth were fine and no signs of decay!

Today's been better. I got at least twenty minutes brisk walking this morning and some this afternoon as well. And it's just occured to me that when things when bad this afternoon it didn't even occur to me to think something like "a bar of chocolate would cheer me up" whereas in the past that might have been one of my first thoughts.

Ok, back tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

4th Jan

Ok, so yesterday was day 4. Think I did ok with my eating. I'm trying to eat up the parsnips and carrots that are in my fridge, which I'm not sure are exactly phase one, but going slowly and definitely avoiding potatoes, so that's ok.

I felt really rough yesterday evening. Couldn't stop sneezing and my nose would not stop running. Bit better this morning, I think, although it's a bit early to tell. I've got to go to the dentist later, so hopefully I won't be sneezing and spluttering too much!

Mentally I think I'm getting this. I went to two big supermarkets and walked past lots of reduced Christmas goodies and creme eggs and although I thought, hm, in the past I would have bought some, if not a lot of those, I was able to say, "nope, I don't want them", and walk on. Same with the bread and cakes area, I just thought walk by and don't even look, and it worked!

Of course, I'm sure there will be more mind blips. But I'll just keep going. I soaked chickpeas yesterday, and I'm going to cook them in a bit. I have some tahini from my mum so I can try making hummus for myself (every time I spell that word, I'm sure I do it differently!)

I'm so tempted to weigh myself this morning, but I know that I shouldn't cos it's not good to get into a habit of doing it every day. I did, however, take lots of measurements of myself last night, so that'll be a good record to see how things change over time too.

Today we'll be heading over to see my parents at some point this morning (giving them a chance to assemble their new sofa before Sophia arrives on the scene). I'll be going to the dentist, and I've got a few other things to do in town, so that's some out and about-ing and a bit of exercise. I didn't really manage to get any yesterday.

Monday, January 03, 2011

3rd Jan

So today is day 4 of eating good stuff and doing this weight loss thing!
I've weighed (cos it's Monday and that's official weigh in day) and I'm at the same as I was yesterday - 291lb. I won't be weighing again for a few days cos I know it's not good to do it every day.

Yesterday I successfully avoided the cake at church. That wasn't too tough, I mostly just stayed away from it. I also downed a few cups of water so I'd feel a bit full and wouldn't want anything else.

In the afternoon I did have some cravings. I think I need to make sure I've got stuff around for snacks as well as meals. I have cashew nuts, but I don't want to eat too many of those in a day. Need to go shopping for some vegetables anyway, so I'll have a think. Maybe I'll get some houmous and stuff to dip.

I also had a headache most of the day and felt a bit weak and feeble. I tried really hard to keep drinking. Today I'm going to try to count my drinks to see how much I'm having. I know I'm pretty good at it, but I want to count to be sure.

Plans for today - I'd like to start to try to make sure I get out for a walk every day. I know that's gonna be good for me in lots of ways.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2nd Jan 2011

Eating veggies is going well. I haven't even had any cravings for junk. And I feel less bloated - something that the scale agreed with when it told me I was down 4lb! (Yes , I have been eating, I promise. Also, yesterday I didn't remember to weigh until after breakfast and today I weighed 'empty'. Also, I promise I won't be weighing every day, cos I know that's not a good thing to do.)

I had a headache yesterday and felt a bit bleugh, so I upped my water and that helped. After all my body is de-toxing from all that sugar and junk I've been feeding it lately.

Ok, gotta go get ready for church. Back tomorrow.

Oh, and I'll try to take some up to date photos soon.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New year, new start

Ok, so boyfriend became husband, bump became almost 15 month old. Debs' belly got big.
I've tackled it a bit - I weighed in 6 months ago at a stomach turning 316lb. Right now, this morning, I'm 295lb. That's up from the lowest I've been lately, but I'm resolved to change. So, hence the reinvention of this blog.

Here we go....

Yesterday I was good. I ate loads of veggies and protein. I totally avoided the junk that's still left over from Christmas. I decided that enough's enough and I'm going for this.
So watch this space.

I'm currently still recovering from ickyness that's affected my asthma, so I can't get into exercise yet, but at least I can try to eat right.