Sunday, January 09, 2011

9th Jan 2011

Ok, so if today is 9th Jan, then that makes this day ten of my new start. And it's going well, sort of. It's going well in that I'm eating healthy, having less cravings for bad stuff and I'm losing weight. It's not going so well in that I haven't posted every day and currently I'm one poorly mama.

Thursday was spend still dealing with some of the lost purse fallout. I also went back in to town with my lovely friend Danielle to face my fears and to pop into the bank to say thank you to the ladies who helped me.

Friday we went to Teeny Tots in the morning, but at lunchtime my throat started hurting and it hasn't stopped since. By the evening I was dizzy and Menard says my head was really hurt. I started taking paracetamol, and have been ever since. Today I don't feel so dizzy and I think my temperature might be a bit closer to normal, but my throat is still really sore and my asthma is kicking in too, just for fun! Think I'll be ringing the doc in the morning to get checked over.

I've been using my wii fit to weigh myself cos my scales are just a bit too wacky to us anymore. I think being used as a door stop has not improved them! But this morning my wii fit went crazy too - the first time I tried it thought I'd put on two stone (28lb)! The second time was better, but still up, and I was all "hello, I've barely eaten, I'm still gonna check this again". I know it's not really a fair weigh-in cos I didn't eat much at all yesterday and that some weight may go back on once I can eat again (please throat stop hurting me when I swallow). But still, I did it anyway. And I was 285lb. Which would be 10lb down in 10 days.

I remember a similar thing happening in the past, that when I actually truly did phase one properly, the weight dropped off. I'll continue it for the two weeks it suggests and then I'll think about adding in some carbs cos I know weight loss like this is ok to kickstart, but not healthy to continue at quite such an alarming rate.

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