Sunday, January 16, 2011

doing ok, I think (day 17)

Things are going pretty well. I went to two parties yesterday (Saturday). The first was 'afternoon tea' sort of time - 2 til 4, so I managed to avoid eating at it altogether (since all there was there was cake!) and the second was in the evening, but I was able to negotiate the buffet to find some quiche (and not eat the pastry), some chicken, sausage and lots of salad.

Today I tried making black bean brownies (I'll try to find the link for that). I used half a cup of sugar and I've eaten 1/36 of the end result. Plus I admit I had a lick of the spoon with batter on. But that was enough to give me a sugar headache. I think what I'll do is freeze them and have one as a treat once in a while, but it was enough to satisfy my craving for chocolate and deter me from wanting any more chocolate or sugar for a while. Actually, since I'm trying to be very honest here, I've just remembered that I did have one chocolate truffle earlier. We received them as a late home-made Christmas present and I just wanted to try one. But I will be giving the rest away.

I weighed myself yesterday and I was 284. That's up on my lowest, but that is partly to do with time of the month, and partly that my lowest was when my throat was really sore and I couldn't eat much at all.

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