Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh wow

Yesterday I was a little down. My weigh in the day before had said I was up a pound, and yesterday it went up a bit more. I figured it was probably water, but I felt down most of the day, to some degree.

My trip to Asda in the evening was an attempt to buy some yummy stuff for snacks/meals to try to inspire me (and that's when I bought the Parmesan and made the crisps). It was also conquering the place where I'd bought a lot of the chocolate and other sugary junk I was so addicted to oh so recently.

This morning I got on the scale (and although I hadn't eaten, I also hadn't pooed. Sorry, TMI!) and it said I was down 4. FOUR! Seriously, my body does some odd stuff with water retention. That's all I can put it down to. As I might have said yesterday, I don't think I drunk enough, and obviously my body thought so too.

Aim for today - get the water in! And stay on track at lunch out with a friend. And I'm seeing the dietitian (a referral from my GP). Hoping and praying that that's a useful appointment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plodding along

I'm still on phase one, more or less. By that I mean I have been eating things like carrots in moderation, which aren't really allowed.

Yesterday and today I was having this huge yen for mascapone cheese, which, yeah, isn't really on the diet, but I thought what harm could it do? But yesterday and today when I ate it it gave me a headache (yes, it was a bit silly to eat it a second time, but I was testing the theory that it was that that had given me the headache). And today I've been having cravings again, so I'm sure the sugar, albeit natural occurring sugars, messed with me a bit and I'll probably stay on phase one a bit longer to get over that.

I've noticed that I'm tending to not always get enough water in the afternoons, and if I've been out and about all morning I probably won't have drunk enough then either, so then I end up trying to make up for it in the evening, but it would be better to try to get enough throughout the day.

This evening I experimented making Parmesan crisps. I did it twice (in the microwave) and it worked ok, was better the second time, and will be perfect next time (or maybe just burnt!)

I've got an appointment with a dietitian tomorrow which I'm hoping will be helpful. I plan to take a copy of the South Beach diet book just in case they've never heard of it!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Starting over again

Hello, it's me again.

Long and the short of it, I had two babies, continued to put weight on, binged on really bad stuff and a week ago finally got a hold of myself and I've been on south beath phase one (more or less) for a week.

Last Saturday was day one and I weighed in at the largest I'd ever been - 320lb. Today I weighed and I was 309lb. Yay! I know a fair bit was water retention cos I spent the first two days weeing every ten minutes! But it can't all have been water. So yay, I'm going in the right direction.

I know I haven't blogged on here, but I just need to do it to have a place to stay accountable, even if noone else reads it, I know that they could!

(My husband still calls me beautiful, but I know I could look and feel better, and enjoy him and my kids more once I'm thinner)

I guess I ought to add some recent pics. Will do that soon...