Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend round up

I drank lots of water.

I ate lots of vegetables.

I ate sugar.

I snacked.

I did no exercise.

I am up 4.8 today from last week.
(that's me growling at myself).

Goals for this week:
1. Go to bed early. I know how much of the extra eating and bad choices has been because I was tired.

2. Exercise, even if it's only 10 minutes a day, it's still better than none.

3. Cut out sugar and carbs for a week. (phase one) and do it properly.

4. Be aware on Wednesday - that's my bad day, where I'm in situations that mean carbs and sugar are easily available, and my will power is low.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 7 (Thursday)

1. Water - Lots and lots

2. Fruit and Vegetables - lots and lots, more than 5.

3. Exercise - None really. I was tutoring after school, so didn't have loads of time. Should have gone swimming.

4. No sugar - Hmmm, broke this one.

5. No after dinner eating - Can't remember. Have a feeling I broke this one too. Feeling a bit discouraged. Think I've got tired and a bit low, and then my resolve breaks more easily and then I feel even more disappointed in myself and discouraged.

Day 6 (Wednesday)

Wednesdays are really long and busy days for me, so i didn't get round to writing a post then, nor yesterday, so now I'm just going to do a quick five point summary

1. Water - loads, kept needing the toilet in the evening!

2. Fruit and Vegetables - 2 apples, tomatoes, chickpeas and pepper for lunch, peas and asparagus for dinner.

3. Exercise - didn't get out for a walk, but did do some speed tidying and cleaning. I set my timer for 10 minutes and then raced around a room sorting and moving things and putting them away, and also some vacuuming. I did that for at least 40 minutes, while entertaining a small person (I brought him back with me to my house)

4. No sugar - managed to break this by eating some silly stuff at small child's house.

5. No after dinner eating - had some grapes at small group meeting (midweek church group) so broke this one too. Not the best day really.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 5

Wow, how did it get to be day 5 already?

2 rashers bacon
1 egg

8 (!) dried apricots
half an orange
small piece of banana
[Ok, let me explain all that. Apricots and me need to stay away from each other, and in future we will. This morning I took the Little One to Hayes Hill Farm and although I was taking him home for lunch his Mum sent me with a banana, an orange, some juice, nappies and a packet of apricots. I need to ban myself from apricots I think, cos I'm not very good at only having a couple at a time, or rather, I have a couple, and then a couple more. So we ate apricots. And then when we got back into the car we sat and ate orange and banana, or rather Little One ate most of it, but some bits he fed to me. And since I knew I was unlikely to get to eat lunch until gone 2, I let him!]

A little leftover mashed potato
Tikka chiken
half a yellow pepper
3 cherry tomatoes
[I stuck the chicken on the bottom, covered it with the potato and zapped in in the microwave. Then covered it with the salad stuff. It was yummy.]

spoonful of peanut butter (I was having cravings, so decided to have a little bit)
an apple

slice of melon
brown basmati rice
chick pea chilli (very hot!) (with lots of different vegetables in it)
left over cold lamb from Sunday's joint

Vegetable and fruit servings: about 4 veg and 4 fruit

Loads and loads and loads, definitely met the target

I chased the Little One all over the place this morning and went for a little walk this afternoon.

No Sugar - I'm not sure eating dried apricots really goes with this category, but I don't really know. I aim to stay off dried fruit for the rest of the month. Reminder to self - next time check you actually put the apples in the bag, otherwise you may not have them when you want them!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 4 of the challenge & official weigh in day

2 rashers bacon
1 egg

lite cheddar babybel
small apple

last of the homemade baked beans
a small yellow pepper
about 5 cherry tomatoes

small apple
4 macadamias
few cashews

cashew nut curry (containing turkey, mushrooms, onion and lots of other nice things)
peas (lots and lots)
2 spoons of mango chutney

Summary of vegetable\salad portions: 3 portions at lunch, 2 at dinner
Also 2 fruit portions

Exercise - well, Monday is a really long day for me. I work at school from 9-3.30 and then go straight to do some home tutoring for and hour and a half, all of which meant I didn't really get much exercise, but I did join in the Athletics lesson that I was supervising this afternoon (the school gets an outside instructor in to run the sessions, but requires a staff member there in case of discipline etc)

Water - I lost count again, but let me think.... yep, definitely got over 6 pints. Seems like I'm addicted to the stuff!

No eating after dinner - well I've have my dinner now, and I feel lovely and full, so I know I've had enough to eat. So I won't let myself give in to cravings later on if I get them.

Weigh-in - I was 261 lb this morning. I'm going to take my weight last Monday (at the OWOA weigh-in) as my start of challenge weight, because my weight on the 1st was similar to that I think, or if I wasn't I don't actually remember because I only write down the official weigh-in weights, if that makes sense! So so far I have lost 3.8 lb on this challenge. I'm determined to try to get into the 250's for next week :-)
Oh, and todays weight is the lowest I've been on this weight-loss journey. I have reached it a couple of times already on the journey and then put a few pounds back on, but this time hopefully the challenge will ensure I push on through the decade barrier, and on down with the weight loss.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

day 3

2 rashers of bacon
1 egg (you may notice a pattern developing here. I've pretty much got into the way of fixing my breakfast which allows me to get my lunch ready at the same time if I'm having a packed lunch, and since I like I pretty much always eat the same thing. Some people aren't convinced about bacon on the south beach diet, but it works for me, so I'll stick to it!)

an apple (I've found that carrying a couple of apples in my bag is good for days like today where it means I can munch on that and not have to worry about cakes or biscuits finding their way into my mouth!)

roast lamb
a spoonful of mashed potato
peas (lots!)
a mixture of roasted root vegetables (shallots, parsnip, butternut squash, sweet potato, courgette)
mint sauce
strawberries (frozen - very yummy!)

I have to admit that I had a couple of squares of milk chocolate. Almost as soon as I had eaten it I did regret it. Gave me a bit of a headache, and the eating it wasn't as good as the thinking about it! Next time I'll just admire it from afar!

small amount of the homemade baked beans (I put a portion ready for my school lunch tomorrow)
about 5 cherry tomatoes
the remains of the left over cabbage
a little bit of yellow pepper
some grated cheese
One of CJ's oat muffins (yummy! We are going to freeze the rest, and I think I might have to keep myself away from them!)

I have drunk loads of water today. And eaten loads of vegetables and fruit. I reckon it must be about 8 portions all together. I ate some chocolate and a muffin which were probably not strictly on my diet, and I do want to try to be stricter with myself from now on.

Oh, I have to admit also that I had a few cashews last night after my dinner which wasn't really according to plan either.

I think I can do the vegetable eating and water drinking pretty easily. I'm trying to schedule in when I will do exercise (I think these first three days were a bit of a wipeout so far as exercise was concerned, but am ready to do this!) I need to be more strict with myself about not eating sugar, and not eating after dinner.
That's me for now. Over and Out :-)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 2

Yesterday I drank at least 120 oz water, and managed to resist evening snacks.
And my weight was down this morning from what it was yesterday morning. Hurrah :-)


2 rashers of bacon
(EDITED TO ADD) an egg (Thanks HP, missed it off by mistake!)

small apple

portion of homemade baked beans
a slice of ham
grated reduced fat cheese

We went to nandos :-)
We had some olives as an appetisers, but I only ate a few - I'm still trying to decide if I like them or not!
I had a nandos sald (mixed leaves, red pepper and cherry tomatos) with a chicken quarter with lemon and herb marinade.
I managed to resist the frozon yoghurt for dessert, but I must admit that I had sprite to drink. I think that was because I was so thirsty when we ordered it was the free refill that tempted me more than anything. On my way home from the tube station I had another apple. Although that's kinda after dinner eating, I was counting it as my dessert!

Not too bad a day. Not a huge amount of walking unfortunately, but I did manage to find a new swimming costume, two new tops and a pair of (ladies) sandals - I have trouble finding feminie shoes because I have really big and wide feet. I think the thing I need to work on for tomorrow and the coming week is meeting the exercise target.

Oh, and I drank loads today. Lost count, but reckon I reached my target for that.

Friday, June 01, 2007

June Challenge - Day 1

Day One in the June Challenge, Debs is ready to do this :-)

CJ, writing over at one weigh or another, has suggested the June Challenge.
Each one of us taking part is setting slightly differing challenges, but with hopefully with similar results - ending June being fitter and weighing less!

My version is as follows:
1. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
2. Drink at least 6 (UK) pints of water a day (That's 120 oz).
3. Consume no sugar. This is one that I may need to define further as the month goes on, but for starters it definitely means no chocolate, sweets, cake etc.
4. No evening eating after the evening meal. So I can eat dinner, but then no further snacks after that.
5. 30 minutes of exercise four days a week. I think I need to look at my week and schedule this in, otherwise, if I try to go day by day I can see this not happening. This is the part of the challenge that I know I need to work hardest at to achieve.

Today I ate:

2 rashers of bacon
1 egg

portion of homemade baked beans
5 cherry tomatoes
grated reduced fat cheese

2 macadamia nuts (all that was left from the open packet!)

green beans

I make that at least seven servings of fruit and vegetables. I haven't really had any exercise today though. Tomorrow I will probably be going up to central London with Bekki, my Mum and my uncle, so hopefully there will be lots of walking around. Maybe I should take the stairs instead of the escalators on the tube...