Friday, June 01, 2007

June Challenge - Day 1

Day One in the June Challenge, Debs is ready to do this :-)

CJ, writing over at one weigh or another, has suggested the June Challenge.
Each one of us taking part is setting slightly differing challenges, but with hopefully with similar results - ending June being fitter and weighing less!

My version is as follows:
1. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
2. Drink at least 6 (UK) pints of water a day (That's 120 oz).
3. Consume no sugar. This is one that I may need to define further as the month goes on, but for starters it definitely means no chocolate, sweets, cake etc.
4. No evening eating after the evening meal. So I can eat dinner, but then no further snacks after that.
5. 30 minutes of exercise four days a week. I think I need to look at my week and schedule this in, otherwise, if I try to go day by day I can see this not happening. This is the part of the challenge that I know I need to work hardest at to achieve.

Today I ate:

2 rashers of bacon
1 egg

portion of homemade baked beans
5 cherry tomatoes
grated reduced fat cheese

2 macadamia nuts (all that was left from the open packet!)

green beans

I make that at least seven servings of fruit and vegetables. I haven't really had any exercise today though. Tomorrow I will probably be going up to central London with Bekki, my Mum and my uncle, so hopefully there will be lots of walking around. Maybe I should take the stairs instead of the escalators on the tube...

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