Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 2

Yesterday I drank at least 120 oz water, and managed to resist evening snacks.
And my weight was down this morning from what it was yesterday morning. Hurrah :-)


2 rashers of bacon
(EDITED TO ADD) an egg (Thanks HP, missed it off by mistake!)

small apple

portion of homemade baked beans
a slice of ham
grated reduced fat cheese

We went to nandos :-)
We had some olives as an appetisers, but I only ate a few - I'm still trying to decide if I like them or not!
I had a nandos sald (mixed leaves, red pepper and cherry tomatos) with a chicken quarter with lemon and herb marinade.
I managed to resist the frozon yoghurt for dessert, but I must admit that I had sprite to drink. I think that was because I was so thirsty when we ordered it was the free refill that tempted me more than anything. On my way home from the tube station I had another apple. Although that's kinda after dinner eating, I was counting it as my dessert!

Not too bad a day. Not a huge amount of walking unfortunately, but I did manage to find a new swimming costume, two new tops and a pair of (ladies) sandals - I have trouble finding feminie shoes because I have really big and wide feet. I think the thing I need to work on for tomorrow and the coming week is meeting the exercise target.

Oh, and I drank loads today. Lost count, but reckon I reached my target for that.


Cristina said...

Hi Debs, I thougt I'd come check out your blog over from OWOA. You're doing good on the June challenge. Keep it up!

How exciting to see the scale going down..yipppeee!

I saw that you need to work on your exercising...I've got problems with sugar...ha ha ha! My protein bars and snack protein bars have sugar and so does the chocolate powder that I put in my protein shake. I guess it's not all that bad since it's part of my diet, but on Saturday's is when I give myself a free day...and I go overboard on sugar...I guess I need to cut that out for the June challenge. :)

HP said...

Were there no eggs? No egg for breakfast?