Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 5

Wow, how did it get to be day 5 already?

2 rashers bacon
1 egg

8 (!) dried apricots
half an orange
small piece of banana
[Ok, let me explain all that. Apricots and me need to stay away from each other, and in future we will. This morning I took the Little One to Hayes Hill Farm and although I was taking him home for lunch his Mum sent me with a banana, an orange, some juice, nappies and a packet of apricots. I need to ban myself from apricots I think, cos I'm not very good at only having a couple at a time, or rather, I have a couple, and then a couple more. So we ate apricots. And then when we got back into the car we sat and ate orange and banana, or rather Little One ate most of it, but some bits he fed to me. And since I knew I was unlikely to get to eat lunch until gone 2, I let him!]

A little leftover mashed potato
Tikka chiken
half a yellow pepper
3 cherry tomatoes
[I stuck the chicken on the bottom, covered it with the potato and zapped in in the microwave. Then covered it with the salad stuff. It was yummy.]

spoonful of peanut butter (I was having cravings, so decided to have a little bit)
an apple

slice of melon
brown basmati rice
chick pea chilli (very hot!) (with lots of different vegetables in it)
left over cold lamb from Sunday's joint

Vegetable and fruit servings: about 4 veg and 4 fruit

Loads and loads and loads, definitely met the target

I chased the Little One all over the place this morning and went for a little walk this afternoon.

No Sugar - I'm not sure eating dried apricots really goes with this category, but I don't really know. I aim to stay off dried fruit for the rest of the month. Reminder to self - next time check you actually put the apples in the bag, otherwise you may not have them when you want them!

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HP said...

Keep going Debs, you're doing good stuff. I know you can do it!!
love and hugs