Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm enjoying today

Perhaps it's because I didn't have to get up at a time that had a 6 at the beginning, but I'd like to think it's because I've been making healthy choices. This morning I went swimming and swam 34 lengths (32 lengths is half a mile, so not bad I think!). I've just had a delicious salad for lunch amd now I've off down Walthamstow market (the longest street market in Europe!) to go to the bank, post office, library and job centre. I'm going to find out about signing on at the job centre because I am currently job hunting. Oh, and I'm also going to go to argos and hopefully buy some new scales. Hurrah :-)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

choosing a diet plan

I'm in the process of working out what the best diet plan for me would be. I know that I want to get back into swimming regularly and I think trying to build up the amount of walking I do each day, but I'm so sure about which plan to pick eating-wise.

I've been looking at weight-watchers and the south beach diet (as people at one weigh or another are on those). I think that the south beach sounds like a good plac, but I'm not sure how it will fit into my life. I'm currently living back at home with my parents and my main meal of the day tends to be with them in the evening, so it's whatever they're having. I think I need to chat to my mum as I think she's keen to lose some weight as well, to work ot what would be best for the both of us. That way we would have a common regime which mght make eating together easier in terms of sticking to what we ought to be eating.
What do other people do in this kind of situation - Any suggestions?

Monday, September 25, 2006

12 Weeks to Christmas Challenge

Over at One Weigh or Another Blair has suggested a 12 Weeks to Christmas Challenge. This sounds like a good thing to me so I'm starting to think about the following:

1. 5 Reasons I MUST change:

2. By December 25, 2006 I will: (give specific/realistic goals)

3. List 5 accomplishments needed to reach my Goal(s):

Bit of a rotten day

After all the resolve and positive thinking of the weekend today was a bit of a let down. It rained all day (and we're talkng big rain, not just that typical UK drizzle). That meant that although I did get out to do a few things done, I didn't go out a second time to do all the other things on my list, including having a walk that was longer than 5 minutes! I've also eaten some fairly stupid things today. Right, I resolve that tomorrow I'll think positively and also try to have time for reading my bible and praying, and hope that chasing a 1 year old around will be more exercise than I got today.
And I will try to be healthy for my last meal of today. Cos I guess it's about not putting off till tomorrow what can be done today!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

weekend exercise

I don't think I'm going to have much chance to go swimming at the weekends (I think that's the main type of exercise I'm going for at the moment), but I did have a bit of exercise this morning when I ended up helping out in creche - we had 23 kids to look after!

Our church meets in a cinema (which is really cool) and there's a room called the 'premier bar' - I think the cinema use it for drinks after big premiers, I guess the name says it all really. Anyway, we use it for creche and then for coffee after the meeting, as well as for midweek groups and alpha.

I love looking after kids, but there were times that we had our work cut out running round after some of the more adventurous ones, and holding crying babies is one way to get some weight training done! Tomorrow I hope to go swimming, although I'm not sure if it will happen. On Tuesday I start doing some childminding and I'm determined to work a walk into the schedule as a way to get some exercise.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Right this is it

I'm fed up of being the size and weight that I am. It's affecting my life, my health and generally how I feel about myself. This is my journey, or at least the start of it, to lose weight and begin to feel good in myself. To feel beautiful and happy about who I am.