Sunday, September 24, 2006

weekend exercise

I don't think I'm going to have much chance to go swimming at the weekends (I think that's the main type of exercise I'm going for at the moment), but I did have a bit of exercise this morning when I ended up helping out in creche - we had 23 kids to look after!

Our church meets in a cinema (which is really cool) and there's a room called the 'premier bar' - I think the cinema use it for drinks after big premiers, I guess the name says it all really. Anyway, we use it for creche and then for coffee after the meeting, as well as for midweek groups and alpha.

I love looking after kids, but there were times that we had our work cut out running round after some of the more adventurous ones, and holding crying babies is one way to get some weight training done! Tomorrow I hope to go swimming, although I'm not sure if it will happen. On Tuesday I start doing some childminding and I'm determined to work a walk into the schedule as a way to get some exercise.

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