Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I promised my heath trainer that I would weigh myself and email him the numbers cos when I saw him on Saturday the scales were locked in a cupboard and he couldn't get them out.

I've not weighed myself on the wii fit for about 6 months (it reckons) but it said that my weight had crept back up 8lb. Is that even creeping?! And it made me think "yuck".

I've started doing zumba through seeing a health trainer - there's a twelve week beginners course that  I can access through them, and that's on a Friday morning, and then I (Menard actually) found one on a Tuesday in a local community hall, so I've been going to that with a friend, though for a number of reasons I only seem to manage to do that every other week so far, so need a better track record than that. Add to that our fairly leisurely walk at forty hall on a Monday, some preschool runs (I've been doing too many in the car lately) and the occasional visit to my treadmill, I feel like I'm doing ok with exercise. It's the eating that I've let get out of control.

So I'm starting again (again) today. Right now. I just cooked up in my wok a big mix of stir fried veg - leek, asparagus, courgette, mushroom, red pepper and some homecooked chick peas. Threw in a bit of soy sauce for flavour, and ate a bowl of it for breakfast (with some cheese grated on top). I also had a heaped teaspoon of natural peanut butter (a no sugar added one) while I was waiting. And, i took a photo of the stuff in the bowl before I ate it. Photo post to follow tomorrow with all the things I ate today.

I've just gotten so out of control with my eating, I was back to eating lots of chocolate, crisps, and way too many carbs, especially bread. And pastry - I think I ate 4 sausage rolls yesterday. Ridiculous.

Will make sure I'm drinking lots of water too. First challenge - meeting a friend for 'coffee' this morning. Since I met her through a course the dietitian ran, I think the best thing is to bed honest and see if we can have a walk instead. Or if we go to a cafe, I'll just get a bottle of water.

Right, here's to getting more healthy