Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plodding along

I'm still on phase one, more or less. By that I mean I have been eating things like carrots in moderation, which aren't really allowed.

Yesterday and today I was having this huge yen for mascapone cheese, which, yeah, isn't really on the diet, but I thought what harm could it do? But yesterday and today when I ate it it gave me a headache (yes, it was a bit silly to eat it a second time, but I was testing the theory that it was that that had given me the headache). And today I've been having cravings again, so I'm sure the sugar, albeit natural occurring sugars, messed with me a bit and I'll probably stay on phase one a bit longer to get over that.

I've noticed that I'm tending to not always get enough water in the afternoons, and if I've been out and about all morning I probably won't have drunk enough then either, so then I end up trying to make up for it in the evening, but it would be better to try to get enough throughout the day.

This evening I experimented making Parmesan crisps. I did it twice (in the microwave) and it worked ok, was better the second time, and will be perfect next time (or maybe just burnt!)

I've got an appointment with a dietitian tomorrow which I'm hoping will be helpful. I plan to take a copy of the South Beach diet book just in case they've never heard of it!

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