Saturday, January 01, 2011

New year, new start

Ok, so boyfriend became husband, bump became almost 15 month old. Debs' belly got big.
I've tackled it a bit - I weighed in 6 months ago at a stomach turning 316lb. Right now, this morning, I'm 295lb. That's up from the lowest I've been lately, but I'm resolved to change. So, hence the reinvention of this blog.

Here we go....

Yesterday I was good. I ate loads of veggies and protein. I totally avoided the junk that's still left over from Christmas. I decided that enough's enough and I'm going for this.
So watch this space.

I'm currently still recovering from ickyness that's affected my asthma, so I can't get into exercise yet, but at least I can try to eat right.

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