Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is working

Do you know, this is really working for me. Just because I've made a commitment to myself to take a picture of everything I eat, and because I don't want to let any of the OWOA ladies (and Bird) down, it really is working. I think it was Brandi who suggested a while back that I use those guys as an excuse to tell other people, but that didn't really work, however like this is does seem to work. I'm not saying that I'm only doing this for all those guys, I am doing this for me. I know I need to lose this weight, it just helps knowing that they are behind me all the way. I needed to find a way to stay accountable, and this seems to be working for me.

Please excuse the not brilliant photography, I probably could take better pitures if I treid hard, but it's not practical to spend that long before every meal! However, just the act of taking the picture helps me to actually look at the food I'm putting in my mouth and process what I'm eating. It takes the mindlessness out of eating, and that is what I needed to do.

This afternoon I had a sugar-free jelly for my snack (actually it was jelly mixed with ricotta, but anyway). I was aware that making chocolate brownies might make me want something sweet so I went for that rather than nuts or vegetable and houmous.

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Tami said...

Okay, where's the link for this again? I think I'm going to make some once I find the recipe.