Monday, October 29, 2007

Breakfast Monday 29th October

I've decided the only way I'm actually going to realise what I put in my mouth is to take a picture of every single thing I eat in a week. I realise this will probably be boring for most people, but I need to find a way to stay accountable. Food diaries just aren't enough, because I just give up when I eat sometihng I shouldn't.
So I'm going to write about doing this on all my blogs (One weigh or another, It's my life, and here)
in the hope that people might pop in and see how I'm doing.

Weigh-in this morning 269.4

Breakfast - vegetable omlette\frittata
onions, brocoli, red pepper, mushroom, 2 eggs, splash of skimmed milk, cheese, salt, pepper, mixed herbs
(I took a photo in the pan as well as on the plate because I knew it would fall apart when I got it out the pan)

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Tami said...

You wanna come make my bfast?? It really does look yummy and makes me realize how hungry I am at the moment. Time for soup