Friday, November 02, 2007


Pictures now uploaded

Morning weigh-in 264.8 (back up .2 from yesterday)
I will stict to phase one today (Wednesday and Thursday I had slight deviations from the plan, but still felt ok with the choices I made)

Homemade baked beans with a flat egg. (I probably ought to freeze some of the beans, because the recipe makes a large batch, and I tend to just eat it at some meal every day afterwards until it's finished. I don't mind, just wanted to point that out in case people don't think I have a very varied diet!)Lunch (I didn't have a snack this mornnig because I had a bit of a lie-in, so there wasn't such a long time as usual between breakfast and lunch)
Chili con carne with mashed cauliflower and some red pepper (not in the picture)Afternoon snack
Some cashew nuts and a babybel (no picture)

Roast lamb with lots and lots of vegetables. Not sure I can remember what they all were without looking at the picture! Peas, broad beans, brocoli, carrots, cauliflowr. Also some gravy and some mint sauce.

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