Friday, November 02, 2007


Morning weigh-in 264.6 (that's down .2, but still down!)

2 rashers of bacon and a flat egg

Morning snack
Some cashew nuts

Homemade baked beans, mashed cauliflower, kale (can you tell I'm having leftovers!)

Afternoon snack
Sugar-free jelly and a babybel (not pictured!) (I was felling really hungry and knew I wouldn't get dinner until quite late)

Dinner (no photo)
Chicken curry with rice (I was babysitting and went straight from looking after J & B. The family I was babysitting for made me dinner and left it for me to have. I didn't eat all the rice, but decided I was hungry enough to want to eat some of it) I also had a couple of garlic dough balls with the curry. I probably ought to have left them, but it had been a long day and I was hungry. I need to be aware for the future that when I'm hungry I don't make such good decisions, so need to try to plan ahead.
I was able to totally resist the cake that they brought me home at the end of the evening, so that was an achievement.

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