Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday (day 3)

Weigh-in - 209.6 (down 1.6 from Thursday morning)

Breakfast 1
Small bowl of veggie curry and a little grated cheese on the top (eaten at half 7)

Breakfast 2
Bacon, sausage, poached egg, baked beans, hot chocolate (eaten at 10.30am in a cafe, after the church early morning prayer meeting)

Bowl of veggie curry with grated cheese (eaten at 2.30pm)

babybell cheese and spoonful of peanut butter

I was out at a 50th birthday party. I passed on the jacket potato, and just had chille con carne and homemade baked beans, with a bit of grated cheese on the top, and some salad.
I admit the icing on the birthday cake attracted me (it was chocolate, and time of the month now explains the cravings!) and I had 2 small bits of that, and one profita roll (although I wasn't very impressed with it, and did get a sugar headache from the cake)

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