Monday, October 13, 2008


Up .2 from last Monday. Oh dear.

I did brilliantly Monday to Thursday, and then it all went wrong Friday-Sunday. Here's to another new week.

Veggie curry and grated cheese (I was in a hurry, and that was quick to make!)

babybel cheese


Mrs Wibbs said...

Well done, you seem to be doing really well...
However, one question for ya: why the veggie curry at breakfast???

Mrs Wibbs said...

December - you're no longer updating this blog. which leaves me with the following conclusion: the question in your blog title is answered and maybe you no longer need to keep this blog?? get rid of it and move on. you ARE beautiful...!! and you have come sooo far. and you can be v v proud of yourself, and get on with living in the now. xxx