Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday (day 2)

Morning weigh in - somewhere below 211.2 (which is what I was yesterday). My scale couldn't make its mind up, so never mind!

Bowl of veggie curry with grated cheese (yes, weird breakfast, but I'd been up a couple of hours before I ate it - yes, I know, bad planning! and wanted something substantial and quicker to fix than bacon and egg.)

I'll be at our church mums and tots group this morning, so I'll take a snack with me to avoid the biscuits!
Took a babybel cheese.
But, I have to admit to having THREE cups of hot chocolate. It was freezing and I don't drink tea or coffee, and hot chocolate was on offer...

A delicious chickpea, spinach and onion concoction cooked by a friend of mine. Yum

Cashews and Macadamias and a piece of cheese

Pork chop, peas, mashed cauliflower, apple&onion and gravy.

Evening snack
I got really hungry in the evening so I ate some more nuts.

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