Thursday, October 02, 2008

Back on phase one - Thursday (day one)

(slightly random, I know!)
leftover sausage and vegetable and tomato 'mush' and cabbage, little bit of grated cheese on the top

babybel cheese, (a fairly big) spoonful of peanut butter

Bowl of veggie curry with grated cheese on the top

cashews and macadamias and a lump of cheese
Some dark chocolate (yes, I know that's not on phase one, but it was eat something allowable on south beach, or blow it and eat something really bad, so I went for a piece of dark chocolate. Hey, this is phase one Debs style!)

fajitas (no wraps), with lettuce, yoghurt and grated cheese.

Yes, I'm very aware that I ate cheese at every meal and snack today. It was low fat cheese, and I didn't have large servings. I'll try to eat less cheese tomorrow!
However, I also managed to resist the cakes and crisps and snacks that were on offer at my church small group. (And as DebbieBoo could probably tell you, I can easily get carried away with eating those!)

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