Sunday, June 01, 2008


Weigh-in this morning 206 (Equals lowest weight so far. yay, I'm back on track!)

Had a slight freak out when I realised that I've dropped 6.8lb since last Monday, and wasn't even really doing phase one properly. And consequently, ended up over doing the carbs, and food in general a bit today. Am not panicking, much(!), I think. And will get back on track tomorrow.
I think one too many people at church this morning asking me if my health problems could be related to my rapid weight loss. I don't really know how rapid it is. Sometimes it just seems to fall off, other times it's really slow. I'm just a bit confused.

bacon and bubble&squeak (aka leftover cabbage and a bit of mashed potato cooked together)

(I was out for lunch at the house of some lovely friends of mine)
Roast chicken, mixed vegetables, roast potatoes, a white roll. Followed by lemon cheesecake and summer fruits. And washed down with diet coke! (Not exactly a south beach friendly meal, but it wasn't excessive portions!)

Late Afternoon/Evening
(I just felt really hungry, probably a result of the not so good carbs earlier, so one thing just kept leading to another)
Pistachios and cashews with a piece of cheese. And I ate was was left in a jar of peanut butter (it wasn't loads, but still!)
Half an aubergine (egg-plant) cooked with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt&pepper.
A bowl with oats, raisins and cold milk (sort of like really really basic muesli)

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