Wednesday, April 09, 2008


1 rasher middle cut bacon, 1 egg, some spinach and a spoonful of veggie curry.Morning Snack
A pear (I actually got to eat all of this one today, although I had to hurry the last few mouthfuls as some men were arriving to put some loft insulation in at R&D's house) (And I did take a new picture this morning, if you look carefully you'll see it is different to yesterday's one)

Veggie curry and a raw mushroom.

Afternoon snack
A pear (yes, I like pears, but more importantly, they needed eating, especially since the only other person that eats them is my Mum, and she's been doing phase one and not eating fruit the last few days) The second mushroom.
I also ate half a pork burger. It was leftover from the kid's dinner and I was hungry (it was after 6pm and I wasn't going to be eating my dinner until half 7.) I'm afraid I didn't take a photo, but I can tell you that I totally ignored the leftover chips, and to be honest wasn't even tempted. I figured the burger was actually pretty healthy - I read the packet before I ate it!

A pork chop with leftover braised green cabbage from a couple of days ago, leftover red cabbage from yesterday, and peas (which I added because it was all looking a bit brown and boring!)


Mrs Wibbs said...

NB: that green stuff is SPINACH. Not that it matters. Much. Just call me a boring purist; or a spelling geek!! And bear in mind I was abysmal in Maths...which more than makes up for the geekiness ;-)

Mrs Wibbs said...

- or should it be Math??

Debs said...

Yeah, thanks. I'm hopeless at spelling. I'll edit it now! Anyway, who wants to be able to spell the name of a boring green vehetable?!

Brandi said...

Can you come cook for me? You are doing great!! Keep it just give us exercising pics! ;-)