Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday's Finally Here

Weigh-in this morning 220. Woo-hoo!

2 rashers bacon, egg, a couple of spoonfuls of veggie curry and some yellow pepper (that's the ingredient I'll be adding to most of my meals today - we have lots and it needs eating up!)
I ended up not having a snack this morning, but having lunch fairly early. I'll see how I go this afternoon - maybe I'll have two snacks then!

Veggie Cury with extra yellow pepper on top.
A pear and a raw mushroom.
Too tired to tell you now what it was, see if you can guess!
It was some thin beef steak, cut into strips and cooked with pepper and rosemary. Then augergine, cooked on the griddle pan, and the remains of the chickpea/onion/courgette/pepper mixture that I'd put in my lunch the day before.After Dinner
A piece of my newly invented apple cake (I had to go off phase one to try it, but it was worth it!)

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Brandi said...

looks yummy!! I will have to try the curry recipe. Isn't there more than one posted at OWOA? Which one do you make? I want to try the apple cake too, but right now I'm staying away from bread.