Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Photographing my food - Tuesday

I'm back to taking pictures of my food for a couple of days...

1 rasher middle cut bacon, a fried* egg (broken and turned) and spinach (wilted in the pan once the bacon and egg are done)
* I use a non-stick pan to cook the bacon, and then fry the egg in the pan afterwards, so it's not exactly fried, and I don't add any extra fat to cook it in.

Pears - I took the photo first thing, before I took them out with me, because I knew they'd probably be bruised when I actually got to eat them. I actually ate about half of the one on the right, because it was bruised inside (they're getting a bit past it really), and then maybe 2\3 or 3\4 of the one on the left before Little One spotted it, and stole it off me to finish it himself.Lunch
A mixture of a few different leftovers (I'm not fussy!). There was some of my veggie curry, some cashew nut curry (we had it for dinner Monday night, and I couldn't eat all my portion, so I saved it to go in this combo). On top of that I threw in a leftover cold sausage, cut up into little bits, and some broccoli (the long green bits are broccoli stem, which although some people just throw it away, I think it's yummy). Oh, and I also ate a raw mushroom while I was waiting for it to heat up in the microwave and sorting out the kids' lunch.Afternoon snack
I forgot to take anything with me to the kids' house for my afternoon snack, and couldn't find anything south beachy there, so I just stayed hungry and moaned about it various places online!

We had meatloaf, made from pork mince, I believe. With that I had peas (yay!), roasted radishes (I tried putting on sesame seeds like Kalyn originally suggested, but I didn't really notice them, to be honest) and red cabbage (cooked approximately like this)

Evening snack
I realised that the antibiotics I'm taking are supposed to be taken before food, and therefore ought probably to eat something after I took my evening dose. Also, I was feeling hungry, so I ate the leftover radishes. (I took a photo, but will upload it tomorrow when I do tomorrow's pics)


Pig wot flies said...

Looks yummy. Apart from the pears. But only cos I don't eat raw pears.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs Wibbs said...

you've really got a thing about pears ;)
Looks good