Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Morning weigh-in 219.4 (Yay!)

(I think I may be staying on phase one until I make up my mind about whether I'm wearing a dress that Little One's Mum has lent me, to go to a wedding this weekend!)

Bacon, egg, veggie curry

Veggie Curry

Cashew chicken with roasted spiced chickpeas with spinach on the side (I actually added another handful a bit after I'd taken the photo)(This recipe, but with some slight changes. Or maybe more than slight changes. We don't put in fish sauce, because I don't eat fish. Instead tonight I just put in some hot water instead. I used three onions instead of the shallots. We didn't have rice, and I don't put the spinach in it, but serve it on the side as a salad - it's a good way t cool your tongue from the spices, because I always put more chickpeas and more spices than the recipe says. But other than that, it's similar!)

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