Sunday, November 12, 2006

The week thus far

Another week is almost ended. Time to evaluate how it went, and especially with regards to the team challenge with the OWOA ladies. Well this week I went swimming with my Mum on Tuesday and we both swam half a mile. That's 32 lengths of the pool we use, and takes around half an hour. My favourite stroke is back stroke, but I was remembering my swimming lessons from when I was little and also did some breast stroke and also some front crawl this week.

On Wednesday I was at home for the day (because 16 month old that I usually look after was away on hoilday. I saw them at church this morning and he's added a new phrase to his repertoire - "oh dear", to add to his other favourite "hello"). I spent lots of the day with the radio on loud dancing, skipping and jumping my way around the house - tidying up and generally sorting things out.

On Saturday morning my Mum and I went for a walk around Forty Hall Estate and had fun spotting friends of our garden weekend visitor (see my other blog if that doesn't make sense!)

I can also report that I have drunk plenty of water this week, over 80 oz each day, and have reported in to my team leader Tami accordingly.


blestwithsons said...

YAY Debs!!

lady laura said...

You are such an asset to our team. So enthusiastic and cheerful! You really must get a load of euros so you can fly me out to see you. I suppose the others can go too if you are that loaded with funds. ;)