Saturday, March 08, 2014

Thumping great big headache of doom

Thurs 8pm glass of smoothie made by my friend and delivered! It comtained strawberry, kiwi, beet root, carrot, cherries. Mango and maybe something else. Tasted yummy

7. Bowl of sausage casserole
12 peanut butter, glass of smoothie
12.45 bowl of mince and veg stuff I found in the freezer and don't remember exactly what was in it!
19.00 chicken wrapped in bacon, couple spoonfuls rice and peas, mixed veg, roasted broccoli, three baby tomatoes
Think there was more peanut butter in there somewhere too. Need to find a better snack thing to eat. Went to bed early with headache

9 porridge with banana and strawberry. I know I'm trying to stay low carb, but this was really all I fancied
12 last of the smoothie
12.30 3 rashers of bsck bacon and two egg omelette with cheese in too
15.00 spoonful of peanut butter

Think I've struggled with this headache and frustration - couldn't pack kitchen stuff cos I didnt have any tape. Not I have tape, but have lost enthusiasm. Have packed other useful things today though, and cleared out various things to give to folk at church tomorrow, etc.

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elly said...

where have you gone