Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Giving up eating rubbish for lent - Day one summary

7.00 glass of homemade juice - cucumber, carrot, apple, pear, lemon
10.30 as above
11.30 babybel cheese
12.00 Small pot of butternut squash soup (I took it out the freezer earlier thinking it was stock for my sausage casserole in the crock pot, but it turned out to be a small portion of soup!)
12.30 bowl of stir fried onion, courgettes, aubergine, asparagus, little tomatoes. And some tikka chicken on tipping
14.45 dessert spoon of peanut butter (and another one, and a piece of cheese. Need to get some just peanuts peanut butter for more healthy snackage)
16.30 Bowl of sausage casserole sauce! (JJ stole most of my sausage, but I had the tomato and other veg and chickpeas bit as a soup!)
20.20 Crust of wholemeal bread, toasted, with melted cheese. (Prob not the best choice, but better than suger or chocolate)

I'm pretty happy with my choices on the whole, I did a lot of walking and being on my feet this morning in the gap between dropping Sophie at nursery and picking her up again. I thought about meals, but snacks probably need more thought. The cheese I used today wasn't low fat, and I probably overdid the peanut butter! Also, I'm a bit disappointed I had bread, when I'm trying to be low carb, but I decided that one slice of that was the best choise available!

Tomorrow I want to try to stay off the carbs. I have juice, stir fried veg and sausage casserole leftovers in the fridge, so that's a good start. Getting out for some exercise would be good too. At least the walk to school and back in the morning would be a start, although it's my morning off (M usually takes Soph on a thursday) so maybe we'll walk to the post office later on...

I think I'm going to do best eating little and often, so I will try to continue that method. Previously I've had something like cashew nuts on hand for a mini snack, but cant do that now we know JJ's dreadfully allergic!

I havent weighed in, partly cos the wii fit is packed, and partly cos I just really don't want to know right now, I just know it's far too high!

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