Thursday, March 06, 2014

Day 2

8.30 bowl of sausage casserole (yes, I eat odd things for breakfast! )
12.15 bowl of stir fry (yesterday's leftovers) I put out all that was left. But only ate half.
15.30 ate the rest of the stir fry
17.00 spoonful of peanut butter, rest of the juice from yesterday
17.20 3 rashers of back bacon and two egg omelette with cheese in

It was an ok day. Felt pretty positive, but a headache hit about half ten, which I'm sure was a sugar detox headache! Got to see my sister and her baby, and my mum and dad, so we've had lots of fun. I fed them pasta bake from my freezer, so that felt good to use stuff up, but I didn't eat it!
Couldn't face more veg in the evening. I really wated bread or chocolate! Something to get my teeth into, so I thought I'd try bacon and eggs. I'm not really an egg fan,and was fed up of the omelette by the end, hence having bacon too!

Still got the evening to get through, but feeling pretty full. If I'm feeling snarky later, I have some yoghurt, and some frozen banana and strawberry I can add to it. Or a smoothie which my friend made and dropped off for me :)

I'm determined to get healthier. We all went to the park this afternoon, so not as much walking as yesterday, but a walk and some time in the fresh air

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