Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh wow

Yesterday I was a little down. My weigh in the day before had said I was up a pound, and yesterday it went up a bit more. I figured it was probably water, but I felt down most of the day, to some degree.

My trip to Asda in the evening was an attempt to buy some yummy stuff for snacks/meals to try to inspire me (and that's when I bought the Parmesan and made the crisps). It was also conquering the place where I'd bought a lot of the chocolate and other sugary junk I was so addicted to oh so recently.

This morning I got on the scale (and although I hadn't eaten, I also hadn't pooed. Sorry, TMI!) and it said I was down 4. FOUR! Seriously, my body does some odd stuff with water retention. That's all I can put it down to. As I might have said yesterday, I don't think I drunk enough, and obviously my body thought so too.

Aim for today - get the water in! And stay on track at lunch out with a friend. And I'm seeing the dietitian (a referral from my GP). Hoping and praying that that's a useful appointment.

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Sarah said...

I have read your posts! Go Debbie, go Debbie! Keep posting, I shall read :-) Big hugs xxx