Sunday, May 25, 2008

Giving my poor neglected blog another chance

Life's been a bit gloomy the last couple of weeks. The eating plan pretty much went out the window, and I've spent too much time wallowing in self-pity. Today things are changing.

I've accepted Brandi's 21 day habit challenge, and from today onwards I shall endeavour to keep a food diary/journal here on this blog, to keep a track of what I eat, and in particular to break the habit of mindless eating that I seem to have developed recently.

I weighed myself this morning, and although my scales still seem to need a little persuading to show the same number more than once, the number that came up most this morning was not a good one. I am recording here that this morning I weighed in at 217.4. That's up 11.4 above my lowest weight so far (which I logged on the 5th May).

As of this morning I've put myself back on phase one, properly. I'm not sure what I'll do about furit. I think I'll see how I go, and start by cutting it right out, but possibly add fruit back in sooner than other carbs.

I had my usual bacon, egg and a bit of veggie curry. I'm pretty happy with what I eat for breakfast, so I probably won't be messing with it!

Meatballs, some veggie curry and asparagus and aubergine (eggplant) cooked together with a little soy sauce.Dinner
Veggie curry with cheese on top (Yes, I realise I've eaten veggie curry for 3 meals in a row, but I'm tired, people! And not feeling very inspired. And I'm sure it never hurt anyone to eat the same thing at every meal. Or not if it's something as innocent as veggie curry ;-) )

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