Friday, December 29, 2006

An assortmet of thoughts

I've been away longer than I had planned to be gone, so I'll have to try to get you all up to date. On my Christmas day weigh-in I was actually down 1lb to 268.8. However I think I may have put on a couple of pounds over the last couple of days. I was doing ok, but several days in a row of Christmas celebrations my resolve was worn down a bit, and by yesterday when we visited my Dad's parents I was pretty much just eating whatever was put in front of me. However although I wasn't sticking properly to south beach I wasn't eating to excess, which I#'m sure I've done in the past. Hopefully I'll get back to the diet over the next couple of days, and by the time I get back to work it'll be automatic again.

Hmmm, I received a skipping rope for Christmas. I wasn't feeling brilliant from boxing day onwards - the family cold had got me, giving me a sore throat and glands as well as the snuffles. However today I took it out the box and gave it a go. Now I know my fitness level is not at a high at the moment, so I'm aiming to just build up the amount I can skip in one go. I did 5o jumps (not straight, as I can only seem to do about 8 or 9 in a row, but in a session) and then HP did the same. I did a second fifty, and then escaped back indoors to take my asthma inhaler! However, I did do another 80 about an hour later, so that's 180 altogether today. I've no idea if that's good, or quite how I should be going about it, but it felt good - my heart was certainly pumping faster and I got pretty warm doing it! If anyone has any ideas of how to build it up, or extend what I'm doing, then please let me know.

In other news, I have now switched to the new blogger, so hopefully everything will continue to work ok....!

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